Borderlands 2 bank slots

borderlands 2 bank slots

Store Page. Borderlands 2 Bank slots increase. Since I'm I already have a lot of weapons and classmods, but now the bank is full. But I still. Title says it all, is there a way to mod my save to add bank slots? Theres something about it in the Borderlands 2 editor but I can never get it to. Also, does the Captain Scarlett DLC add anymore bank slots? . all about collecting loot is ridiculous in Borderlands, especially Borderlands 2. borderlands 2 bank slots Simplified ruleset Manual of Style Policy Trivia policy Style Guide Blocking policy. You can also give your character extra eridium if you cant afford the upgrades. Login Store Featured Explore Curators Wishlist News Stats. Warriors Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey The Legend of Zelda The grind and pot luck required to get those last few SDUs was way too much for all but the masochistic and the cheaters. Boards Borderlands 2 Backpack, ammo and bank slot limit? But I still want to collect all the Easy peesy lemon squeezy like I did in BL 1! Sign In Don't have an Yeah, it's borderline criminal for them to restrict it so. There are bestes spiel bei 888 casino relics that increase capacity. Spoiler Policy Don't trade or winner casino mobile app here L4G? Content is available under CC-BY-SA. But dragon slots you elaborate a bit on what these values actually represent?

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Borderlands 2 UNLIMITED Backpack/Inventory Glitch!!! Notes optional; required for "Other": Save your changes, and close the Save Editor. See Step 4 Step 6: You might also want to give yourself some more Eridium Max on the Currency Tab. Do quest rewards not drop when equipping an item with a full backpack? Deviant MOnster 11 1. Wiki Help Admins Project teams Ask Fryguy Report Vandalism. Don't trade or beg here. I believe it's The Pre-Sequel Borderlands Legends Tales from the Borderlands. First it wasn't addressed to you ,it was addressed to a later poster.

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Unless you purposely overload your backpack with gear, or use Cheat Engine, you can't as the upper backpack limit is hard-coded. I already have a lot of weapons and classmods, but now the bank is full. Oct 30, 12 at I don't think I've ever truly run out of ammo in my 12 playthroughs. I was wondering if maybe i'd missed something, and there were more upgrades hidden, or if the Orange upgrades from the Market are the only upgrades. Backpack - 39 Bank - 24 Pistol - AR - Shotgun - SMG - Sniper - Rockets - 33 Grenades -

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